About Us

EmpowerED Pathways was established in 2017 to provide learning experiences and practices which support individual well-being and a compassionate collaborative.  Collectively, founders Sarah Bentley, Jason Littlefield and Hilary Simon have fifty plus years of professional service in public health and education.  Combined, Jason and Hilary have more than ten years experience serving as Social & Emotional Learning Specialist. Over this time period they developed a mindset which mirrors a  sentiment from an Aspen Institute report titled From A Nation At Risk To A Nation At Hope; “Since all education involves social, emotional, and academic learning, we have but two choices: We can either ignore that fact and accept disappointing results, or address these needs intentionally and well.”  

Social and Emotional Learning and mindfulness aren’t fads. They are tools that when utilized “intentionally and well” can maximize human potential. The EmpowerED Pathways framework is rooted in neuroplasticity, human dignity and promoted through 3 Pathways of Practice:

  • Practices which build awareness and equanimity

  • Practices which build kindness and compassion towards self and others

  • Practices which celebrate common humanity, and break the walls of indignity


Empowering educators, youth and communities by strengthening the neural pathways to peace and resilience through mindfulness and social and emotional learning.


To establish an empowered society of individuals at peace within themselves and with others.

Core Values

We believe in an empowered humanity.

We embrace cutting-edge research, bold creativity, and shifting of educational and cultural paradigms.

We engage in open dialog and compassionate listening.

We honor individual strengths as cornerstones to creating a shared vision. 

We honor the dignity of all  people

We value balance in all aspects of our lives.

We embody hope for positive change.