Happy teachers will change the world

Professional development and personal development are inclusive. Mindfulness and self-compassion exercises build "happiness" in the brain itself and neuroscience proves, we are what we practice. As an educational system we are obligated to support teachers; no other profession in the world has a greater impact on the immediate and the distant future than teaching! #mindfulness #selfcompassion #education #teacherlife #educationreform #TGIF

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Disrupting the future of education

An underlying philosophy of empowerED pathways is disruption.  Disruption of the autopilot responses, which are the contributing factors to the anxiety, depression, and harm observed in our world today.  Neuroscience proves that we are what we practice.  The research also indicates mindfulness builds and strengthens the neurological pathways of peace, resiliency and compassion. Proactively teaching Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) also builds the skills needed to navigate the joy and chaos we experience across a lifetime. 

Our goal is that one day, every teacher, every student, and every school system K-12 will incorporate mindfulness and SEL as a means to eliminate the amount of isolation, hurt, hate, and judgement in our world.  We aim to disrupt the “high stakes testing” and “school to prison pipeline” culture that has come to dominate the culture of present day educational settings.   

This paradigm shift takes the people, the passion and the resources to do so.  Our team has over fifty years’ experience in public education and public health, and each of us has a personal mindfulness practice which provides the passion to be pioneers in this work.  Recognizing school systems are constantly cutting budgets and simply cannot afford additional resources and trainings, we established our organization to be an (IRS recognized) charitable 501(c)(3) organization to fund our organization through private donations and grants. As a 501(c)(3), all donations made by U.S. residents are 100% tax deductible.

Recognizing the “disruption” and “paradigm shift” of today’s financial world, we are proud to announce we will begin accepting a multitude of cryptocurrencies as donation methods, as well. We hope to engage the crypto community and encourage entrepreneurial philanthropy to assist us as we begin to take our work outside of Central Texas. We have set up a bitcoin wallet to receive donations and are currently reviewing the technologies and philosophies of other currencies which align to our mission and vision to help us extend our reach and influence.


Bitcoin wallet address:  15YHsD2p3AR4kyJsy483Qrp2nhFpyMVZBt

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We are extremely grateful for every dollar and every satoshi contributed to assisting us as we embark on disrupting the status quo of present day education and shift our societal paradigm to reflect a more peaceful and resilient society!

With Gratitude,

The EmpowerED Pathways Executive Team

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It Takes a Village

Dearest friends and colleagues,

I am thrilled to announce that earlier this year I co-founded a non-profit organization called EmpowerED Pathways. This educational non-profit is a manifestation of my personal and professional work over the past two decades, merging my expertise in mind/body practices, education, public health, and community relations. I am so grateful for the friends and family who have encouraged and supported me on this journey. We couldn't have gotten this far without your indirect or direct support and, for this, I am deeply grateful.

What we do

Research shows that empowering educators, youth and communities with learning experiences that promote mindfulness and emotional intelligence strengthens their neurological pathways. Our goal is to provide research-based tools to foster the resiliency and mindsets for living with the challenges of modern life. We believe this essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of educating the next generation will create a more peaceful, understanding and compassionate society. View our current programming for more details on how we do our work. 

It takes a village

This weekend, we began actively raising funds to provide the financial resources needed to support our vision and mission. Since we are a 501(c)3 organization, 100% of contributions go directly into programming and development, and are 100% tax deductible. Any amount of financial support you are able to give is so appreciated. Donate today to our #GivingTuesday campaign to help us reach our goal of raising $5000 to support program development and resource production. Thank you for your contributions, as well as promoting our organization with your friends and families! 

With deepest gratitude,

Sarah S. Bentley, MPH
EmpowerED Pathways

#BlackFriday Mindfulness Practice

Today is the beginning of "shopping season" and the "hustle and bustle" of the holidays, so we wanted to share some mindful practices to maintain your calm as move throughout the day.

1. Your breathe is always there for you. Sometimes crowds, parking, waiting in line and traffic can be challenging. Slow, deep and focused breathing calms the brain by bringing the attention to the right hemisphere vs. the left hemisphere. As you breathe notice the sensation of the air as it comes and goes with each breath for as long as you wish. When the mind drifts (left hemisphere activity), bring your attention back to your breath.

2. As you wait in line exercise and grow your patience. Create a space where you can disconnect from your phone and simply notice the sights, sounds and smells around you. Direct your attention to one object and one sense at a time.

4. Intentionally extend kindness to others. Smile, lend a hand, open a door, allow someone to pull out in front of you in traffic, etc. . .

Today, empowerED pathways is launching a five day campaign to raise a targeted goal of $5,000.00 for program development and resource production. We are a 501(c)3 organization. Therefore, all contributions are tax deductible. We are grateful for your support through financial contributions and/or socially promoting our organization and initially fund raising campaign. Our intent is to establish a more peaceful and resilient humanity and this would be impossible without the kindness and generosity of family, friends and strangers.

For programming and organization information, read more here.

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Today's world and tomorrow's future present complex and unknown challenges. EmpowerED Pathways provides research-based professional development and training that foster the resiliency and mindsets for living with these challenges. Providing educators, students and communities with these learning experiences will create a more peaceful, understanding and compassionate society.

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. -- William James

Neuroscience proves the brain changes throughout one’s lifetime due to their experiences, efforts and thoughts. With a mindful and intentional approach to what we do and think, we strengthen the neurological pathways to inner peace and better understanding of others.  

We need to explicitly teach our children to cultivate personal and interpersonal well-being and to believe in a society which values understanding others, regardless of their backgrounds. With each child that we teach social & emotional intelligence, we plant the seeds of hope for communities with less hostility, less loneliness.  

Our programs provide the learning experiences and practices which build the neural pathways of empowerment and resiliency in the brain itself and begin creating more peaceful and understanding individuals and communities.
We need your help!

After the indulgence of Thanksgiving and the consumerism of Black Friday, #GivingTuesday is a day of giving back to non-profit organizations around the world. As a 501c3 organization, we depend on funding from individuals, organizations, and foundations to bring our important work to schools and the community.

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