Disrupting the future of education

An underlying philosophy of empowerED pathways is disruption.  Disruption of the autopilot responses, which are the contributing factors to the anxiety, depression, and harm observed in our world today.  Neuroscience proves that we are what we practice.  The research also indicates mindfulness builds and strengthens the neurological pathways of peace, resiliency and compassion. Proactively teaching Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) also builds the skills needed to navigate the joy and chaos we experience across a lifetime. 

Our goal is that one day, every teacher, every student, and every school system K-12 will incorporate mindfulness and SEL as a means to eliminate the amount of isolation, hurt, hate, and judgement in our world.  We aim to disrupt the “high stakes testing” and “school to prison pipeline” culture that has come to dominate the culture of present day educational settings.   

This paradigm shift takes the people, the passion and the resources to do so.  Our team has over fifty years’ experience in public education and public health, and each of us has a personal mindfulness practice which provides the passion to be pioneers in this work.  Recognizing school systems are constantly cutting budgets and simply cannot afford additional resources and trainings, we established our organization to be an (IRS recognized) charitable 501(c)(3) organization to fund our organization through private donations and grants. As a 501(c)(3), all donations made by U.S. residents are 100% tax deductible.

Recognizing the “disruption” and “paradigm shift” of today’s financial world, we are proud to announce we will begin accepting a multitude of cryptocurrencies as donation methods, as well. We hope to engage the crypto community and encourage entrepreneurial philanthropy to assist us as we begin to take our work outside of Central Texas. We have set up a bitcoin wallet to receive donations and are currently reviewing the technologies and philosophies of other currencies which align to our mission and vision to help us extend our reach and influence.


Bitcoin wallet address:  15YHsD2p3AR4kyJsy483Qrp2nhFpyMVZBt

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We are extremely grateful for every dollar and every satoshi contributed to assisting us as we embark on disrupting the status quo of present day education and shift our societal paradigm to reflect a more peaceful and resilient society!

With Gratitude,

The EmpowerED Pathways Executive Team

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