Neuroscience proves the brain changes throughout one’s lifetime due to their experiences, efforts and thoughts.  With a mindful and intentional approach to what we do and think, we  strengthen the neurological pathways to inner peace and better understanding of others.  A society which cultivates inner peace and better understanding of others is society with less hostility, loneliness in it.  Our intention is to provide the learning experiences and practices which build the neural pathways of empowerment and resiliency in the brain itself and begin creating more peaceful and understanding individuals and communities.


MISSION:   Empowering educators, youth and communities by  strengthening the neural pathways to     peace and resilience through mindfulness and social and emotional learning.

VISION:    To establish an empowered society of individuals at peace within themselves and with others.

Core Values

Empowerment:   We believe in an empowered humanity.                                          

Innovation:        We embrace cutting-edge research, bold creativity, and shifting of                                                              educational and cultural paradigms.                                                                      Communication:  We engage in open dialog and compassionate listening.                         Collaboration:    We honor individual strengths as corner stones to creating a shared vision.  Inclusivity:           We treat all people with dignity and respect.                                                 Equanimity:         We value balance in all aspects of our lives.                                                    Optimism:           We embody hope  for positive change.