Jason Littlefield, MEd 

Jason has worked in public education for seventeen years; including ten as a high school history teacher, three years as an assistant principal and four years as a social & emotional learning specialist.  His overall career spans twenty-five years working with children (K-12) from varying backgrounds including schools in Taiwan, China and Benin, Africa.   He believes mindfulness and mindset coaching not only transforms individuals but collectively can transform our schools, businesses and communities to be in greater harmony within themselves and each other.  He draws upon his experience as a classroom teacher, campus leader and district level specialist while coaching individuals and guiding organizations in this trans-formative work. 

Sarah S. Bentley, MPH

Sarah is a consultant and advocate for mindfulness and social & emotional learning within educational and organizational systems. As a former bilingual educator and current health education professional, she is dedicated to empowerEd Pathways' mission of empowering educators, youth and communities to strengthen their neurological pathways to promote peace and resilience through mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

Sarah is an experienced leader within the realm of health promotion and behavioral science. Her passion for mindfulness and resilience is rooted in public health research. Her expertise is steeped in more than a decade of experience in community relations and professional development within educational, clinical, and business sectors. Sarah's expertise are in the areas of mindfulness (qigong & meditation), stress management, community relations, strategic planning, project management, communications, group facilitation, needs analysis, program design, program implementation, impact and process evaluation, scientific writing, and grant writing. 

Sarah is an enthusiastic life-long learner, continually pursing professional development opportunities in topics such as Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction, trauma-informed care, neuroscience of mindfulness, and mind-body energetics (Chinese medical theory). Since 2004, Sarah has lectured on and facilitated community classes, workshops, and professional development for teachers and health professionals. For a comprehensive list of her lecture/workshop topics and past audiences, see her website.

Hilary Simon, M.Ed, MAT

Hilary has supported students, educators, and families as a social & emotional learning specialist, autism specialist and behavior consultant for over 15 years, within the public education system and the private sector.  She has a long-standing yoga and mindfulness practice and is a certified Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Teens (MBSR-T) instructor.  Hilary applies her belief in the value of each individual's core-self to everything she does and thrives on developing authentic, collaborative partnerships.  She uses her strengths as a communicator, maximizer, arranger, and empath, to build connections, facilitate growth, and empower individuals and teams to realize their true potential and accomplish change through tangible outcomes.