Cultivating Well-Being: Powered by Stellarlumens (XLM)

An underlying philosophy of EmpowerED Pathways is disruption.  Disruption of the autopilot responses, which contribute to the anxiety, depression, judgement and harm in our world.  Neuroscience proves, we are what we practice.  Research also indicates mindfulness builds and strengthens the neurological pathways of peace, resiliency and compassion. Proactively teaching Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) also builds the skills needed to effectively navigate the joys and chaos we experience across a lifetime. 

Our goal is that one day, every teacher, every student, and every K-12 system will incorporate mindfulness and SEL to eliminate the amount of isolation, hurt, hate, and judgement in our world.  We aim to disrupt the “high stakes testing” and “school to prison pipeline” culture narrative which dominates present-day educational settings.   

This paradigm shift takes the people, the passion and the resources to do so.  Our team has over fifty years’ experience in public education and public health, and each of us has a personal mindfulness practice which provides the passion to lead this work.  Recognizing school systems are constantly cutting budgets and simply cannot afford additional resources and professional development, we established our organization to 501(c)(3) non profit organization.

Recognizing the “disruption” and “paradigm shift” of today’s financial world, we are excited to announce we have set up a Stellarlumens (XLM) wallet address. We hope to engage the XLM (and crypto) community to become philanthropic partners by working with us in achieving our vision and mission.

MISSION:   Empowering educators, youth and communities by strengthening the neural pathways to     peace and resilience through mindfulness and social and emotional learning.

VISION:    To establish an empowered society of individuals at peace within themselves and with others